Daily Bucket List

Day 2: The search for rare wildlife
(I will write / update this post when I get time… busy right now)

Day 2: The search for rare wildlife

(I will write / update this post when I get time… busy right now)

Day 1: Sneak into a music festival

I went for a walk today along a public footpath, and was fairly surprised to stumble upon this festival in full swing. Nobody really stopped me from walking right in to one of the performance tents and snapping some photos.

I had a quick look around some of the stalls and what entertainment was on offer, but didn’t outstay my welcome as I wasn’t really entitled to be there. Still, part of feeling alive is knowing which rules you can break and get away scot free!

Hello World!

A phrase that I feel has never been more apt than it is today. This blog is going to be a chronicle of my life, of sorts. In this inaugral post, I will attempt to lay down what I aim to do, my motivations for doing it, and why I feel many other people should follow this example.

First of all, I am not going to contribute to the already bloated tumblr underbelly of the same old captioned images, gifs, cat pictures or hot women. I don’t buy into the whole “reblog and/or steal without credit because I’m so cool” stereotype that I feel has become synonymous with the majority of this websites users. I’m sure you know what I mean… the pages full of copied works or those taken from other people with no original content in sight. You are the equivalent of an internet garbage can. But enough about that, I feel I went a little off topic for a second there.

What I will do is post an image or short paragraph per day, for as long as I am able, about something I just did. It will be something personal to me, an experience, something life enriching or just plain silly, but more importantly it will be something that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Therefore, this blog will serve as a collection of sorts. Something I and other people can look back on and read about all the amazing things I was lucky enough to see or accomplish. And it is my sincere hope that someone, anyone, who reads this will be inspired enough to go out and live their own life. I feel that too many of us are simply drifting along, never stopping to smell the flowers or realise the beauty of the landscape that surrounds us every day. Whether it be a bustling city or a countryside haven, sometimes people need to just stop and appreciate life. After all, when you’re old and you look back on what you spent your life doing, a successful career or money is not much of a comfort compared to a life well lived.

So I reiterate what I said before. I feel awake, I feel alive… hello world, I hope you’re ready for me!